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Pars Kayhan Co., which is a private collection since 1990 as a contractor company began its activity.Since its founding, directors of this company put their target based on activities in oil, gas, petrochemical, power production and transmission and have followed their goal with active participation in tenders and doing EPC projects. Furthermore, pars Kayhan is going to take part in other industries like steel industry, etc.
Pars Kayhan within less than a decade became one of the successful examples which introduced capabilities of Iranian experts in projects in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant.
Pars Kayhan after doing successful projects in the equipment installation in design and development of South Pars project, obtained and started its first EPC project in Abadan power plant. With doing this project successfully, other projects in various plants as EPC was assigned to the Pars Kayhan Company and eventually company succeed to catch his first EPC projects in oil industry relying on past experience and skilled manpower in the Tehran refinery in 2005.
The company with installation and operation of utility and offsite sector project at Kermanshah petrochemical complex, stand as one of the powerful companies among Iranian contractors in the field of petrochemical.
Company tries to use young and creative workforce alongside resourceful and experienced personnel and using the latest achievements in management and industry, a renowned and successful contractors is the energy industry.

Pars Kayhan during its years of activity did many projects for national Iranian oil companies, and nowadays according to big potential in Iran steel industry is going to carry out big project in this field too.
We think of sustainable development in foundation, planned each of our engineering, procurement and construction department independently and use them, with all difficulties, as the main executive arm of EPC project.
The company's registered capital now is about 5,000,000,000 RLS. We do projects with over than 500 permanent and temporary workforce.
Pars Kayhan has caught its contractor certificate from management organization which introduce:
1- Grade 1 in field of mine and industry
2-Grade 1 in field of facilities and equipment
3- Grade 1 in field of power
4- Grade 2 in field of civil
This company is also a member of association of petroleum industry engineering and construction companies (APEC), international consultants and contractors association of Iran, the association of construction companies, etc.
Pars Kayhan also has obtained certification of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and managed and applied company based in these system.
Pars Kayhan over recent 10 years by spending more than 15 million hours of human resources, has done valuable effort such as human resource development, create employment and industrial and economic infrastructure in their growth path and partner companies has done.
Mr. M. Rezaei, managing director of Pars Kayhan, says: "In this perspective Pars Kayhan with a deep and historical point of view, knows human and human resources as the most valuable resource and the main part of socio-economic system like itself and managed their own priorities and strategic planning based on it."




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