Pars Kayhan has performed more than 30 EPC projects inside and outside Iran to his clients.

Our Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning team assigned from highly skilled and experienced manpower who have accompanied us for more than 20 years.

Pars Kayhan executed storage facilities, from the simple to the most sophisticated, from small to the biggest in the world with the capacity of 1,000,000 BBL, providing a wide range of services and cost-effective solutions to key industries including refineries,

terminals, LPG depots and more.  

More than 500 KM Pipeline from 6 inches up to 56 inches and Pump Stations in EPC Schema, for Oil and Gas products, including Design, Stress analysis, Foundation and structural design, Supply, installation and commissioning in various locations in Iran and Iraq has performed by Pars Kayhan team.

Refinery projects are normally billion-dollar developments designed around core refineryprocess units. We have been involved in different stages of refinery development.

Pars Kayhan possesses extensive knowledge and expertise covering all stages andcomponents of a petrochemical unit development including preparation of techno-economicfeasibility reports, licensor selection, cost estimation as well as detailedengineering and overall project management.

Our power capability covers all aspects of thermal energy generation, transmission and distribution. In order to provide the correct balance of expertise to each client, our staff works in an integrated manner to utilize the extensive range of skills. Our clients include private or public sector and funding agencies. Our services range from start to finish for new power developments and acrosspower existing facilities.

Transmission and distribution provide multidisciplinary expertise at all stages of power transfer from generator to consumer. We have the full range of skills in overhead lines, underground cablesand substations and apply these at all voltages up to the highest in common use including high voltage DC. We follow all the stages of the engineeringprocess to provide critical evaluation and technical justification of the recommended solutions.

Briefly Pars Kayhan provide EPC services for the areas including:

    • Terminal & Storage Facilities
    • Pipeline & Pump Stations
    • Treatment / Process Plants
    • Gas / Condensate and Oil Production
    • Petrochemical Complexes
    • Single & Combined Cycle Power Plant (BOP)
    • Mobile Sub-Station
    • Overhead Lines / Cables / Substations up to 400kv
    • Transmission Line up to 400kv
    • Potable Water Treatment
    • Oily / Wastewater Collection and Treatment
    • Desalination

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